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May 2020

          Obit: Jack Barnwell career


March 2020 Covid event cancellations: Golf and TUTS, Ship story -  the Western Prince, Arleen and Jack Mar’s story, Note and Poem from John Bishop.

          Obits: Hartley Clelland, John Carpenter, and Charlotte Cliff-Talbot.


February 2020 Upcoming events, “War On Dirt”, Missing employee discounts, and Manulife benefits.

          Obits: Peter Burbidge, Barry Dixon, and Henricus Pulles.


December 2019  Seasons greetings, AGM report, remembrances, Christmas, Beacon of 50 years ago, and an update on Kim Yost.

          Obits: Wally Gilmore, and Ruth Cameron.


October 2019 Christmas Lunch, HBC discount problem, Stories  from “The Woodwards” Douglas Harker’s book, Allan Eadie produce manager.

          Obits: Dennis G. Murrell.


August 2019 Chriatmas Lunch, Horse racing Hasting Park, Westbank harvest dinner, Tuts review, Mamma Mia, Coquitlam Center 40th Year, New Pension information.

          Obits: Bill Wharf


June 2019 TUTS Mama Mia, Westbank brunch report, and “Shopping Guide of the West”.

          Obits: Joseph Masse, Larry Rosner, and Sunny Jones.


May 2019  (Scroll past June) TUTS Mama Mia, Woodward’s Corporate Jet, and Maturity Matters.

          Obits: John (Harry) Hockley, and Dave Cromie.


April 2019 TUTS Mama Mia, Bev Fisher story, Day at the Races report, Golf report,  Dhirubhai Desai, and Al Wilson



March 2019 Events, new Board members, Maturity falls, Remembering Port Alberni, Ian Loudon by wife May, IBM 360 and artifact, and Oakridge tour by board members.

          Obits: Dhirubhai Desai, and Betty Platt.


February 2019 Events coming up, (Day at the races, TUTS, Christmas Lunch, & Spring Brunch), Health issues,  & Cookie recipe.

          Obits: Ian Loudon, Al Wilson , Tony Antonias, & Fred Jackson.


January 2019 Events coming up, letter from Betty Beverage, 1969 Beacon article on Grandmas, Bill Lawrie presents Maturity Matters, on fall prevention.

          Obits: Patricia Joan Smith


December 2018  Presidents Christmas Message, Christmas Lunch pictures, AGM report, Harvest Dinner report, and Peter Wall turns 90.



October 2018 Xmas Luncheon and AGM, Woodwards war years, Royal wedding cake, Werner Zulauf article, Chisel tools by Bill, Comments on Philip Jones story, and invitation to Board Membership.

          Obits: Margaret Leighton


September 2018 Xmas Luncheon and AGM, Harvest dinner, Philip Jones story, Woodward’s new building, and Vic Jordan turns 90.



August 2018 Day at the Races, Annual Christmas Lunch and AGM, Memories of Brian McIntosh, Tuts report, and Jean Van Dyke.

          Obits: Brian George McIntosh


June 2018 TUTS “42nd STREET”, Alberta Reunion, Remembrances, Cherry Lane Reunion,

Obits: Ken Wilson, and Bev Swan..


April 2018 Golf, Eastside brunch, Rick Hansen 30 years, Ron Russel, Bonspiel, benefit contacts, and Cherry Lane reunion.

          Obits: Neil Galbraith, Jane De Marchi, and Henry Yates,


March 2018 Day at the races, Golf tournament, Spring Brunch, 1.49 day jingle, Oscar Posehn remembers the Kamloops Bonspiel, and  Island hockey.

          Obits: Shirley Farrell, and Evelyn Delcourt.


February 2018  Day at the Races, Golf tournament, 1.49 day jingle, Woodward’s Bonspiel.



January 2018 Day at the Races, Golf tournament and rules, and Alberta reunion

          Obits: Agnes Brown, Edna Spears, and Hilda Paulsen


December 2017 Xmas luncheon report, Presidents report at AGM, Woodward’s war experience,

          Obits: Loretta Gale, and June Murrell.


October 2017 Xmas Luncheon, Joe deBruin and Visual Display, Woodpen’s board, and Westbank dinner.

          Obits: Jerry Cafferty, Courtney Haddock, and Steve Juba.


September 2017 Day at the Races, Xmas luncheon, TUTS report, Gord Sutherland, Oakridge opening, and Harvest dinner



August 2017 Day at the Races, Xmas luncheon, Woodward’s innovation, and Landsdowne Park Opening.



June 2017 Tuts, and Woodwards’ enterprises.



May 2017 Tuts, Golf report, Ozzie Hyland, letters from Jack & Arlene Mar and Bill & Linda Cuddeford, Cake icing, and DTES breakfast.

          Obits: Jim Lawrence, Odette Guinn, and Kevin Gilligan


April 2017 Golf, TUTS “The drowsy Chaperone”, Report on Day at the Races, Bill and Linda Cuddeford memories, letters, and pension information.

          Obits: Oswald “Ozzie” Hyland, Eleanor Yates, Catherine Hyland, and Anne Lowrey


March 2017 Cloverdale Races, Golf, Pancake Breakfast, Philip Jones career, letters . and Woodward’s history.

          Obits: Hilda Wilkie


February 2017 Cloverdale races, Alberta reunion, Golf, 1.49 day hockey cancelation, New treasurer Bob Lawrence, Martha Rumpel (106 years old), Woodward’s pensions, Woodward’s 7th annual Pancake Breakfast, and letter from Henry Yates.

          Obits: Anne Brown, and Janet Esme.


January 2017 Cloverdale races, Golf, 1.49 Hockey, 1,49 Day, In store presentations, Ernie’s Circus, and Shirley Stewart Memories

          Obits: Frank Anderson, Ducan Graham, Jorma Lanki, Austin chapman, Borgny Olsen, and Irene Jones


December 2016  Xmas Lunch report, Kamloops Bison story, AGM report, President’s report, Alberta reunion report, and Woodpen’s club history



October 2016 Xmas Lunch, 1.49 Giants Hockey, and Woodward’s in late 1930’s

          Obits: Barry Alexander, Reginald Newby, and Lorne Botkin


September 2016 Xmas Lunch, Alberta reunion and memories, Woodwards’ Harvest dinner, and Ernest Chan cycles for Cancer.

          Obits: Mary Gledson, and Ernie Lister


August 2016 Reflections, Day at the Races, VCH by Kip Woodward,  Shirley Stewart remembers,  Bramwell Lamb, and Dragon boat racing.

          Obits: Bramwell Lamb, Viola fisher, Eileen Hughes, Katherine Speers, and Donald Paul Roberts


June 2016  TUTS, Xmas Lunch, Presidents report, Alberta reunion, Oakridge senior centre.

          Obits: Roy Telford, Olga McIvor, and Faye Cousins.


May 2016 Alberta reunion, Tuts, Tom Sebal-2, Golf report, Races report, and Memories.

          Obits: Greta Bolam, Lewis, Sturley, and Marguerite Warren


April 2016 Golf, Tom Sebal,  UPC, and Cancer donation.

          Obits: James Green, Walter Denver, and Faye Lupul.


March 2016 Upcoming events: Day at the Races, Golf, and Alberta Reunion, and letters

          Obits: Gerry Kosterman and Pidge McBride


February 2016 Upcoming events: Day at the Races, Golf, and Alberta Reunion.

          Obits: George Anderson, Louisa Marklinger, and Merle Titmus.


January 2016 Bill Lawrie, and Upcoming events: Day at the Races, Golf, and Alberta Reunion.

          Obits: Gilbert Archembault, Don Eckstein, Arthur Grist, and Elsie Ladd


November 2015 Christmas greetings, Pension plan update, AGM and Christmas Lunch reports, $1.49 day Hockey report, and Ernie McBratneys 70th anniversary.

          Obits: Thelma Weir


October 2015 AGM and Christmas Lunch, 1.49 Hockey Game, Westmount’s Totem Poles and Woodward’s truck Drivers.

          Obits: Michael Bore, Jeanne Braun, Eddie Eaton, Lorne Echstien, and Don Toby.


September 2015 AGM and Christmas Lunch, 1.49 Hockey Game, Woodwards in 1949 on Web-site, and Rockhill Muffins.

          Obits: Mary Armstrong, and Ray MacDonald


August 2015 Day at the Races, TUTS “Oliver”,  Douglas Harker’s book “The Woodwards”, and Woodward’s Food Floors.

          Obits: Dorothy Cherry, Ruth Halldorson, Hugh Johnston, and Marie Ward.


June 2015 AGM change, HBC contact, TUTS “Oliver”, Fees due, and Web-site.

          Qbits:  Doreen Digby, Eileen Coulson, Ralph Grundy, Robert Russell, John Tarvin, and Jessica Weber,


April 2015 AGM change, Day at the races, Golf, and Easy rider Marlene Gervin,

          Obits: Ron Davenport, Molly Ford, Gladys Hoetzell, Fannie Knutson, and Jean Langhorn.


March 2015  AGM change, Day at the  races, Golf, 1.49 Hockey, Bob Takeda entertained, and John Kennedy’s Buick.

          Obits: Bob Hay, and Harry Krause.


February 2015 Events: AGM, Golf, 1.49 Hockey, Day at the Races, Trivia from 1960-1990, and Cupid at Woodwards

          Obits: Gloria Sinclair, Hazel McKinley, and George Wilson.


January 2015 Frank Robertson, events – 1.49 day hockey, races, and golf.

          Obits: Frank Robertson, Fern Dempster, Timothy Gomm, Roland Nelson, and Hazell Oshaway.


December 2014 Xmas lunch report, Xmas greetings, Toy buyers, and hockey night.

          Obits: Selena MacLaren.


November 2014 Xmas lunch, Woodward’s war years, and Harvest dinner.

          Obits: Lorrise Haswell.


October 2014 Xmas Lunch, Operation wheelchair, Mona Brun, Elevator girls, and Ernie McBratney

          Obits: Gladys Lenore, and Dorothy Siegel.


September 2014 Xmas Lunch, winner Cruise for two, and Woodward’s Catalogue

          Obits: Freda Addison, Roy Ashcroft, John Farris, and Stan Mortimer.


August 2014  Events upcoming and reports. Some Woodwards history.

          Obits: George Hutchison, Clifford Kipling, and Douglas Schiller.


June 2014 Upcoming events, Legally blonde, Annual Picnic, Day at the Races, Wall’s anniversary, History, and Farm to family.

          Obits: Freda Paulson, Donald Carlson, and Iola Claus.


May 2014 Upcoming events, AGM report, Golf Tournament report, Cruise winner, and Remembering food floors.

          Obits: Lillian Beharrell, Margaret Britten, Doreen Caouette, Neil MacDonald, & Della Paul


April 2014  AGM, Golf, Races, Cruise Raffle, TUTS, & Picnic.

          Obits: Frederick Burr, Denis Harding, & Dorothy Townley.


March 2014 Annual Meeting notice, Golf event, Bill Lawrie letter, Races event, and Cruise Raffle.

          Obits: Rhonda Marchioni.


February 2014 Events, $1,49 day hockey report, Events races & golf, and cruise raffle.

          Obits: John Pitcher, Robert Crockford, Doreen Caquette, George McDonald, Hilda Perry, & Lillian Reid.


January 2014 $1.49 day hockey, 2014 events, and Cruise Raffle

          Obits: John Kowbel.


December 2013 Xmas lunch report, Cruise Raffle, and 1.49 day hockey game,

          Obits: Charters McCulloch, & Mildred Thompson.


November 2013 Xmas lunch, War years, Golf change, Cruise Raffle, and Xmas Memories,

          Obits: Amelia Bonney, Charles Gilbert, & Jane McCauley.


October 2013 Day at the races, Golf change, Win a cruise, P.A.Woodward’s foundation, 1.49 Day and Harvest Dinner

          Obits: George Clark, & Harry Hinz.


September 2013 Xmas lunch, Margaret Hickey’s letter, and Chunky N Woodward.

          Obits: Eleanor Hess, & Elsie MacLennan.


August 2013 Races, Picnic, and Xmas Lunch

Obits: Harry Martin, Margaret Heath, Fraser Lane, Doreen Monson, & Sue Osterman.


June 2013 AGM report & pictures, TUTS, and Picnic.

Obits: Peter Clancy, Cyril Goodman, George Goldie, Phyllis Irving, Albert Machan, & Margaret Zaharoff.


May 2013 AGM with Rick Hansen, Presidents Report, Golf report, and TUTS.



April 2013 AGM invites Rick Hansen, WC Woodward and Edmonton store, Races report, and TUTS



March 2013  Rick Hansen invited to AGM, Races, Golf, TUTS, Picnic, Woodward’s Credit, and Sandy Watt.

          Obits: Sandy McConaghy, Alexander Watt, Ray Bryant, Ronald Alley, George Conner, & Delia Schweers.


February 2013 Upcoming events, Woodward’s 95 cent and 1.49 Days, and Charles Woodward’s move west

          Obits: Una Chessa, William Dalrymple, Hilda Gardener, Jean Galt, John Klie, & Pearl Mapson.


January 2013 George Anderson’s poem, Old fashion week, & Ernie’s circus.

          Obits: Ina Askwith, Robert Gorst, Helen McDonald, Ron Parkinson, & Eileen Thome.


December 2012 – Presidents message, B. Lamb wins cruise, W. Schulte’s punch, & Mona Brun.

          Obits: Mona Brun, & Rhys Rhydderch.


November 2012 Xmas Lunch report, Woodpen’s history, Events, Fred Burr 99, Diane Barnwell, & Woodward’s war years.

          Obits: Diane Barnwell, Kathleen Heys, Russell Sigerson, & Janet Shea.


October 2012 Xmas lunch notice & Cruise reminder